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COL is an intergovernmental organisation that promotes the development and sharing of open learning and helps Commonwealth Member States and institutions harness the potential of distance learning and technologies for expanding access to education and training.

  • ODL 2020 and Beyond 

    Kanwar, Asha (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2019-10-16)
    Video presentation presented by Professor Asha Kanwar at the 33rd Annual Conference of the Asian Association of Open Universities, 14-16 October 2019 / Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Towards an Open Educational Resources Strategy for the Republic of Zambia 

    Mallionson, Brenda (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2019-10)
    This report provides context and purpose for the adoption of OER in the country and initiates a draft OER strategy for the Republic of Zambia. The introductory section presents the current education system in Zambia with ...
  • Guidelines on the Development of Open Educational Resources Policies 

    Miao, Fengchun; Mishra, Sanjaya; Orr, Dominic; Janssen, Ben (UNESCO; Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2019-10)
    The publication provides guidelines and a systematic approach to develop and implement open educational resources policies in different contexts to achieve the targets of Sustainable Development Goals 4. Using a six-stage ...
  • Newsletter of Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (vol. 5, no. 4) 

    Panigrahi, Manas Ranjan (Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA), 2019-10)
    CEMCA newsletter published in October 2019.
  • President's Quarterly Progress Report: July - September 2019 

    (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2019-10)
    The President's Quarterly Progress Report for July - September 2019 as presented to the Board of Governors.

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