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The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is an intergovernmental organisation created by Commonwealth Heads of Government to encourage the development and sharing of open learning/distance education knowledge, resources and technologies. COL is helping developing nations improve access to quality education and training.

Oasis is COL's online institutional repository of all publications. It is an Open Access repository. Any publication found here can be freely downloaded for reuse and adaptation. Creative Commons (Version 4, Intergovernmental) BY-SA is the default license used. Please attribute COL as the publisher. Some publications classified as “Governance” are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND.

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  • Session VI: Intergenerational and Cross-Collaborative Partnerships of the 11th Women’s Affairs Ministers Meeting (11th WAMM), The Commonwealth in Apia, Samoa, 6-8 September 2016. Presented by Dr. K Balasubramanian, Vice-President, COL. Co-written with Alexis Carr, COL.
  • Este documento provee una plantilla de uso fácil para el diseño de una política de Recursos Educacionales Abiertos (REA) para instituciones educacionales presenciales o virtuales (a distancia). // Translation of "Institutional OER Policy -Template" done by Werner Westermann (wernerwestermannj@gmail.com) // English version also available. See http://oasis.col.org/handle/11599/2361
  • This how to guide has been developed to assist teachers, teaching support personnel and educational technology administrators to: understand the value of open education, OER and open textbooks for teaching and learning; appreciate the potential value of developing an open textbook platform; select appropriate technology to build an open textbook platform, using either existing services offered free ...
  • Employers in Saint Lucia and the region continue to lament that employees lack the skills to operate productively and efficiently at the workplace. The local cuisine of a country is one of its unique selling points (USP) which sets it apart from other places and attracts visitors. As a country whose economy depends heavily on tourism, it is imperative that visitors continue to sample the appetizing ...
  • Abstract: Garment production is an area of skill under high demand. Saint Lucia is known for its artistry in costume making for carnival and creative garment designs for the event ‘Hot Couture’. Garment production is a viable field because clothing is a commodity that is needed by everyone year round. However, there is need for fashion designers to be more innovative in their designs. A course in ...
  • This course is designed to give persons interested in art and design, a foundation in basic principles, knowledge of materials and technical skills.
  • Presented at Koforidua Polytechnic in Koforidua, Ghana, 3 August, 2016 by Professor Asha Kanwar, President and CEO, Commonwealth of Learning. Co-written with Dr. K. Balasubramanian, Vice-President, COL, and Rosanne Wong, COL.
  • Presented at the University of Education in Winneba, Ghana, 1 August, 2016 by Professor Asha Kanwar, President and CEO, Commonwealth of Learning.
  • This course is intended for people who aspire to know all about how to think smart, get logical, improve decision making skills and use social networking efficiently. The learner needs to have basic knowledge of computers and the Internet.
  • This course is intended for people who aspire to learn android programming and develop android applications. The learner needs to have basic knowledge of computers, the Internet and Java programming.

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