• Summary of the PCF9 Online Forum 

      Commonwealth of Learning (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2019-09)
      Following the success of the PCF8 online forum, the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and the Open University (OU) implemented a similar online discussion space for PCF9 from 17 June to 12 July 2019. The online forum was ...
    • Summary: Children and Young People 

      Ferreira, Frances; Fehr, Helena (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2008-07-17)
      Transcript of summary presentation on the theme of Children and Young People at the Fifth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning, London, UK, 17 July 2008. Prepared by Frances Ferreira and Helena Fehr, Commonwealth of ...
    • Summary: Governance, Conflict and Social Justice Theme 

      Munro, Tanyss; Manji, Firoze (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2008-07-17)
      There were good discussions in the governance sessions on the subject of facilitating greater access to education in tertiary institutions for women, for indigenous peoples, for the incarcerated and for marginalized ...
    • Summary: Health 

      Huttly, Sharon; Pringle, Ian (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2008-07-17)
      Health was the smallest of the four themes but as a relatively new area for COL and PCF this enabled focused discussions on some core topics, frank exchanges about difficulties as well as successes, and an opportunity for ...
    • Summary: Livelihoods 

      Alluri, Krishna (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2008-07-17)
      Transcript of a summary presentation at the Fifth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning London, UK, 17 July 2008. Summary delivered by Krishna Alluri, Commonwealth of Learning.
    • Support Groups in Distance Education 

      Robertshaw, Michael (commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, 2000)
      For most distance education systems, distance, time or opportunity isolate learners from the teacher and from their fellow students. The system should attempt to cater to the student as an individual, even though content ...
    • Supporting Community Learning with Digital Technologies and Knowledge for Societal Development: Open and Distance Learning to Educate Rural Farmers by Enhanced Blended Learning Management System through School ICT Laboratory in Malaysia 

      Lee, Tan Luck (2010-11)
      Purpose – This research was attempted to examine the feasibility of open and distance learning on educating rural farmers in improving the quality of their knowledge and upgrading their livelihood through the school ICT ...
    • Supporting Distance Education Through Policy Development 

      Commonwealth of Learning (Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, 2000)
      During this course, we will introduce you to ways in which national educational policies can support distance education practices. We hope to provide you an in-depth introduction to distance education concepts –as well as ...
    • Supporting Empowerment of Female Readymade Garment Workers in Bangladesh through Lifelong Distance Learning Approach 

      Sultana, Sadia A; Laboni, Ananya (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2019-09)
      Bangladesh is a growing economy with heavy dependency on export oriented readymade garments industry. It is the world’s second larg est readymade garments exporter with 4500 registered garment factories ...
    • Supporting Learning for Sustainable Development Through Integrated School-Based Teacher Development 

      Ogange, Betty (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2018-03-13)
      Presented by Dr Betty Ogange, Adviser: Teacher Education, COL, at an eFacilitation Workshop, National Teachers Institute, Kaduna, Nigeria, 13 March 2018.
    • Supporting Online Learners with New and Emerging Technologies 

      Mann-Cross, Ave (2010-11)
      There has been an increase in the use of Web-based ‘collaborationware’ in recent years. These web 2.0 applications in particular wikis, blogs, podcasts and facebook are being adopted by many educational institutions. These ...
    • Supporting Open Education Resource qualification and creation: The TEL MOOC Case 

      Ostashewski, Nathaniel; Wilton, Dan; Cleveland-Innes, Martha; Mishra, Sanjaya (Commonwealth of Learning, 2019-09)
      The TEL MOOC (Technology-Enabled Learning MOOC) is a five-week professional development course about teaching that provides OERs (Open Educational Resources) to learners as both content and assessment activity. As content, ...
    • Supporting Professional Development Through MOOCs: the TESSA Experience 

      Stutchbury, Kris; Amos, Sandra; Chamberlain, Liz (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2019-09)
      Policy aspirations for education across sub - Saharan Africa are requiring teachers to change from being transmitters of knowledge to facilitators of learning. This means that teacher education needs to change as ...
    • A Survey Conducted Focusing the Educational Development of a War Affected Zone in Sri Lanka (With reference to Ampara Education Zone) 

      De Zoysa, T Srini Visaka (2010-11)
      In 1987 the 13th Amendment of the Constitution was enacted followed by the passage of the Provincial Councils Act No. 42 of 1987 which provided for the establishment of Provincial Councils. Divisional Education Offices ...
    • Survey of current status of distance education in Cameroon 

      Pecku, N K (Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, 1998)
      The Republic of Cameroon recognises the importance of education in the overall development of the country. The education system is being re-structured at all levels to meet the country's needs. A National Forum (22 nd-27 ...
    • Survey of ICT and Education in Africa: A Summary Report Based on 53 Country Surveys 

      Trucano, Michael; Farrell, Glen; Isaacs, Shafika (World Bank, 2007)
      A Summary Report, Based on 53 Country Surveys This project seeks to gather together in a single resource the most relevant and useful information on ICT in education activities in Africa. Key questions: How are ICTs currently ...
    • Survey of ICT in Education in Africa, 53 Country Report: Volume 2 

      Farrell, Glen; Isaacs, Shafika; Hamdy, Amr; Hare, Harry; Tchinda, Josué T; Mangesi, Kofi; Agyenman-Duah, Osei T; Fall, Babacar (Worldbank, 2007)
      These short Report provide general overviews of current activities and issues related to ICT use in education in individual African countries. The preliminary data presented here, drawn from a quick survey process conducted ...
    • Survey on Governments’ Open Educational Resources (OER) Policies 

      Hoosen, Sarah (Commonwealth of Learning (COL)United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 2012)
      As part of their joint project Fostering Governmental Support for Open Educational Resources Internationally, UNESCO and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) invited all governments to provide information about their policies ...
    • Sustainability and Resilience: Can Education Deliver? 

      Kanwar, Asha (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2018-02-19)
      Presented by Professor Asha Kanwar, President & CEO, Commonwealth of Learning, at the Opening Panel, Integrated People’s Forum, 20th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers, Nadi, Fiji, on 19 February 2018.
    • Sustainable Agriculture in Small States 

      Virtual University for the Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC) (Virtual University for the Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC), 2010)
      Upon completion of the Sustainable Agriculture for Small States Course you will be able to: 1. Employ the best practices in crop management and livestock management. 2. Describe the anatomy and physiology of farm animals. ...