• Aptus 

      Commonwealth of Learning (Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, 2014-04)
      Introductory videos of Aptus, the Classroom Without Walls. A large number of learners and teachers in the developing world operate in "unconnected" environments – unconnected to the power grid and to the Internet. There ...
    • Aptus 

      Commonwealth of Learning (Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, 2016-11-25)
      Promotional brochure explaining Aptus - a device developed by the Commonwealth of Learning to facilitate elearning in remote and disconnected areas. (Revised June 2018).
    • Connections (vol. 27, no. 1)  

      Commonwealth of Learning (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2022-03)
      COL Newsletter published March 2022.
    • Do Tablets and Aptus Contribute to Improved Learning Outcome? Results from an Applied Research Project in Swat Region, Pakistan 

      Balaji, Venkataraman; Cheng, Ricky (Commonwealth of Learning (COL)Reach Out to Asia (Member of Qatar Foundation), 2016-04)
      This is a report of findings from the Project for Innovative Delivery of Education Using Mobile Technology, Pakistan. It contains an analysis of results of activities under collaborative project of the Commonwealth of ...
    • An Evaluation of the Usefulness and Ease of Use of the Aptus Within the Samoan Education Context 

      Mow, Ioana T C; Temese, Edna; Mose, Mose N; Patu, Tara; Mauai, Elisapeta; Sinclair, Ioana; Lafaele, Fiafaitupe; Namulauulu, Joseph; Tanielu, Misioka; Soon, Agnes W; Chan, Vensal (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2017-11)
      This paper describes the findings of the first trial of the Aptus device within the National University of Samoa. The Aptus is a device that enables wireless access to valuable educational resources in the absence of ...
    • Field Trials of Aptus Prototype: An overview of results from 15 countries 

      (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2014-07)
      Aptus is a server with its own WiFi router. It can be deployed in areas with no access to grid electricity or data connectivity, and the users (with Tablets, smart phones or Laptops) can access several thousand Open ...
    • Open and Innovative Schooling: An Implementation Experience in Fifteen Secondary Schools across Mozambique 

      Cossa, Sérgio Paulo; Nakala, Lurdes Patrocínia Matavela; Cherinda, Nilsa Adelaide Issufo Enoque Pondja (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2021-10-19)
      This case study explores the open and innovative schooling model piloted in fifteen secondary schools across all regions of Mozambique in the period 2018 to 2020. The model involved provision of access to curriculum-based ...
    • Use of Tablet Computers to Improve Access to Education in a Remote Location 

      Ally, Mohamed; Balaji, Venkataraman; Abdelbaki, Anwar; Cheng, Ricky (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2017-07)
      A research project was carried out in using mobile learning to increase access to education. This project is contributing to the achievement of Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is to “Ensure inclusive ...