• Accelerating Gender Parity 

      Kanwar, Asha (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2016-03-08)
      Video message delivered for International Women's Day 2016, 8 March 2016 by Professor Asha Kanwar, President & CEO, Commonwealth of Learning.
    • Analysis of ICT Competencies Among Distance Learning Students in selected Study Centres of the National Open University of Nigeria 

      Amini, Moses; Oluyide, Oluwaseun (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2020-03-20)
      The research evaluated the ICT competencies of Distance learning students of the National Open University of Nigeria, as a pre-requisite for their effectiveness in a computer-based learning environment. 186 students (66 ...
    • Baseline-Endline Report: Reaching the Unreached (RtU) through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan 

      Ferreira, Frances; Cruz, Charisse; Smith, Kristina (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2018-01)
      This report documents the baseline–endline study by the GIRLS Inspire team’s Reaching the Unreached project to examine the implications of skills training and education for women’s and girls’ empowerment and sustainable ...
    • Baseline–Endline Report: Preventing Child, Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM) through Open, Distance and Technology- Based Education in Bangladesh, Mozambique, Pakistan and Tanzania 

      Smith, Kristina (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2019-08)
      This report explores the results of the Baseline-Endline study conducted throughout the project to capture its long-term impacts, and was conceptualised through the Performance Measurement Framework (PMF). Surveys were ...
    • Boys' Underachievement in Education: An Exploration in Selected Commonwealth Countries 

      Jha, Jyotsna; Kelleher, Fatimah (Commonwealth of Learning (COL)Commonwealth Secretariat, 2006)
      Gender disparity in education has usually been experienced as disadvantaging girls. Although this continues to be the case in many places, the phenomenon of boys' underachievement - both in terms of participation and ...
    • Boys' Underperformance in Education: Revisiting the Issue in the Commonwealth 

      Jha, Jyotsna; Menon, Niveditha; Chatterjee, Debanita (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2017-11)
      Every child, regardless of gender, has the right to an education that offers not only academic learning but also training in the skills they will need to be successful in their particular environment. However, as recent ...
    • Checklist for Addressing Gender-related Barriers to ICTs 

      Commonwealth of Learning (Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, 2002)
      Use this checklist when designing and implementing projects using ICTs to ensure that your project is accessible to both women and men. By putting strategies in place to address the following barriers you will increase ...
    • Checklist for the Development of Gender-Responsive Learning Materials 

      Wong, Rosanne (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2015-05)
    • Connections (vol. 5, no. 2) 

      Wilson, Dave (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2000-06)
      COL newsletter published June 2000
    • Feasibility of Open Schooling in Disturbed Societies: The Case of Afghanistan 

      Mitra, Sushmita (Commonwealth of Learning, 2014)
      Most countries have enshrined the right to education in their constitution but, in reality, to fulfil this commitment, countries do face a number of challenges. And this is true with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, ...
    • Gender Analysis of Open and Distance Learning in the Caribbean Region 

      Peebles, Dana (Kartini International, 2014)
      This report provides an overview and analysis of the existing literature on open and distance learning (ODL) in the Caribbean from a gender perspective. It covers a wide range of themes encompassing the socio-cultural ...
    • Gender and ICT: Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review 

      Borokhovski, Eugene; Pickup, David; El Saadi, Lina; Rabah, Jihan; Tamim, Rana M (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2018-10)
      This publication addresses the intersection of gender and information and communication technologies (ICT) as reflected in the primary research literature and in educational practices and policies of the Commonwealth, the ...
    • Gender Bias Quiz 

      Tezare, Kisanet (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2015-09)
      At the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), we are committed to supporting an environment in which our staff, our consultants and the staff of our partner institutions and organisations can freely engage in dialogue about ...
    • Gender Friendly School Indicators Report 

      Tharakan, P K Michael; Devi, M D Usha (Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver and Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), 2009)
      The Report of the CF focused on India, Pakistan, Cameroon and Papua New Guinea; because these countries currently appear to be very much off the track from achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) III. It was ...
    • Gender Guidelines for the Sri Lanka Open School System 

      National Institute for Education (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2020)
      Guidelines for gender equity in the provision of open schooling in Sri Lanka by the Open School of the National Institute of Education.
    • Gender Mainstreaming in Learning for Sustainable Development 

      Sachdeva, Neena; Wong, Rosanne (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2015-08)
      Learning is not only the key to individual freedom, it also brings empowerment. Once people are empowered, they can make both choices and decisions, which increases their ability to act and to influence their lives and ...
    • Gender Scorecard 2.0: Instructions and Templates 

      Commonwealth of Learning (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2019-08)
      COL has designed an Institutional Scorecard to help its partners monitor the status of gender mainstreaming. The Scorecard is intended to provide insight into organisational/institutional policies and practices in relation ...
    • GIRLS Inspire 

      (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2016-03)
      Thanks to the generous support of the governments of Canada and Australia, COL will support secondary schooling, training and skills development for girls and women using open and distance learning under two separate ...
    • GIRLS Inspire 

      (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2020)
      Thanks to the generous support of the governments of Canada and Australia, COL will support secondary schooling, training and skills development for girls and women using open and distance learning under two separate ...
    • Girls Inspire Country Brief - Bangladesh 

      Sheldon, Dania; Ferreira, Frances (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2017-10)
      Summary of the GIRLS Inspire project in Bangladesh and its connection with the Sustainable Development Goals.