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dc.description.abstractEducational Technology 2000: A Global Vision for Open and Distance Learning, held in August 1996, was an opportunity for nearly 200 educators and technologists from 38 countries to gather in Singapore to share, discuss and debate many of the important issues in open and distance learning. This collection of keynote addresses and conference papers is rich in diversity, containing thoughtful analyses and challenges for the future.en_US
dc.publisherCommonwealth of Learning, Vancouveren_US
dc.subjectEducational Technologyen_US
dc.titleEducation Technology 2000 : A Global Vision for Open and Distance Learningen_US
dc.subject.otherOpen and Distance Learning (ODL)en_US
dc.contributor.corporateCommonwealth of Learningen_US
col.proceedings.confEducation Technology 2000en_US
col.proceedings.confdateAugust 15 -17, 1996en_US
col.proceedings.confsponCommonwealth of Learningen_US

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